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Constantine converts to Christianity.

The Roman invasion and occupation of Britain

Constantine unites all of Rome and issues the Edict of Milan. The East and West kingdoms of Rome are re-united by Constantine. Constantinople is formed by Constantine and is the new capital of the Roman Kingdom. Constantine dies, is baptized on deathbed.

The History of the World: Every Year

Roman empire makes Christianity the official religion. Rome is sacked by the Goths. Patrick begins his missionary work in Ireland. Leo, known as Leo the Great , becomes Pope. Romulus Augustus becomes Emperor. Gregory I, known as Gregory the Great becomes Pope.

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Suiko becomes the new Empress of Japan. Construction of the Grand Canal begins in China.

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Vision of Muhammad. Aisha and Muhammad are married. Muhammad starts his dictation of the Koran. Death of Muhammad.

Make-up through history

Muslim conquest of Egypt begins. Arabs start using the Indian numerals 0 through 9. The city of Baghdad is established and rises as a city of learning. Iceland is discovered by exploring Vikings. The Moors lose Toledo to Alfonso Vi. Canute IV of Denmark is assassinated. Urban II becomes the new Pope. The First Crusade begins at the urging of Pope Urban. Crusaders defeat the Saracens at Antioch.

Timelines and Chronologies of Roman Emperors

Crusaders take Jerusalem. Louis VI becomes the new king of France. Henry V becomes the Holy Roman Emperor. Alfonso becomes the first king of Portugal. Chinese defeat Muslim ruler of Persia. The Second Crusade begins.

Combined Timeline

Military class struggle begins in Japan. Syria is conquered by Saladin. Saladin is defeated by Baldwin IV at Montgisard. A truce is formed between Saladin and Baldwin IV. Jews are banished from France by Philip II. Mongols invade China.

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Mongols invade Persia. Mongols destroy Baghdad. Wenceslas II becomes the new king of Poland. Petrarch , the well known Italian poet is born. Philip VI becomes the current king of France. The Ming dynasty is formed in China.

Henry V becomes the King of England. The Hundred Years War comes to an end. Athens is taken over by the Ottomans. The Americas are discovered by Christopher Columbus while in search of a shorter route to India. First flushing toilet is invented by John Harrington.

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Japan outlaws Christianity. Jamestown, Virginia colony in North America is founded. Galileo Galilee makes his first observations of stars with a telescope. The theory of relative motion is put forward by Galileo Galilee. The first shipment of African slaves arrive in Virginia to work the tobacco plantations. Pilgrims from England sailing on the Mayflower ship arrive in America and found the colony of Plymouth. Philip IV becomes the next King of Spain. In America, Pilgrims celebrate the First Thanksgiving after a bountiful harvest. Dutch found New Amsterdam New York.

Construction on the Taj Mahal begins. Montreal is founded by Dutch. Civil War of England. Taj Mahal is completed, used as tomb for wife of Emperor Shah Jahan. Cape Town is founded by Dutch. Anglo-Dutch War. There is a massive plague that sweeps over London. Great fire of London. Polish-Ottoman War ends. Peter the Great is born. Great Turkish War begins. Issac Newton publishes his laws of motion and gravity.

Sir Isaac Newton tells about his theory of gravity and the three laws of motion. Treaty of Nerchinsk between Russia and China. Peter is the sole ruler of Russia. The seed-drill is invented by Jethro Tull. Peter the Great founds St Petersburg. Peter the Great dies. King George War begins. Nader Shah assassinated. French and Indian War begins.

Lisbon earthquake kills between 10,, British rule established in India. French and Indian War ends. Stamp Act on American colonies. Boston Massacre. Boston Tea Party. The American Revolutionary War begins.

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On July 4, the Declaration of Independence is signed. The American Revolutionary War ends. The Times is created and published for the first time in London. George Washington is elected the first president of the United States. The parachute is invented. Britain and France start warring.

World population reaches 1 billion. The slave trade is abolished in Britain via the Slave Trade Act. United States and Britain start warring. Missionaries colonize New Zealand. Battle of Waterloo. The Treaty of Vienna is signed. The Missouri Compromise is passed — prohibiting slavery to the north and west of the state.