Cinemanager… Confessions from the Movie Theatre

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It is also one of the most important things a cinematographer must consider to best tell the story and create a desired "look. One of my favorite go to lens is Cooke. Cooke lenses are very forgiving when it comes to faces. Cooke also has the famed "Cooke look," which is their trademark and reputation. The "Cooke look" can mean different things to different people. The Cooke color tends to lean towards yellow which gives off a subtle warmth to the image.

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Warmth is a good thing and conveys a warm, dreamy, healthy look to skin tones and faces. The Cooke lenses also have a 3Dimensional quality to it. Faces tend to pop out more from the background. For zoom lenses I prefer Angenieux optimo or fujinon. I like zoom lenses for their speed and efficiency.

Interview with Jeremiah Jackson, author of Cinemanager: Confessions from the movie theatre

Not frequently swapping out lenses can be a huge time saver. Depending on the story you wish to tell, would I use a Cooke lenses to shoot a sci-fi or horror piece?

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Most likely not. Would I use it on a drama, comedy, or period piece? They are lightweight and offer a different look to the cool, steely color rendering that Zeiss is known for.

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The supremes are a tad creamier on the faces and highlights roll off in a smooth manner. Zeiss also makes a high-end, full frame, stills lens called the Otus. The resolving detail on the Otus is impressive. It is currently the best stills lens in the market. Why did I bring the Otus up, you ask?

Well, Zeiss Supremes may cost more to rent, but Otus is more accessible and easeir on the wallet.

Cinemanager... Confessions from the Movie Theatre

Master Primes have been the staple of the high end market. Oscar winner Roger Deakins loves using Master Primes. But why is Master prime used by so many renowned DPs? Whatever the reason, I am sure many thought and considerations have gone into designing the look for that particular project.

All the shortcomings found in still lenses are non-existing in master primes. Most rental houses will have several sets available since its so widely used on film and television industry around the world. The Arri Master Prime is, no doubt, a fine piece of glass, but to me it lacks personality. It's too clean, too perfect. Nonetheless, you will find many network TV shows, high end features, and commercials utilizing this famed cinema glass. The most expensive lens on the market is the Leica Summilux-C. It's the Bentley of lenses, the king of the crop! Three time Oscar winner and cinematographer Emmanuel "Chivo" Lubezk uses Leica and medium format lenses on revenant. Leica can be found on high end movie sets. Leica colors are very life-like. They have no distortion and make faces appear younger. The out of focus bokeh is rounder in comparison. The Leica Summilux-C is currently the finest German made glass with the price tag to match! The Leica look is versatile. Aquaman was shot on Leica glass. The micro contrast is off the hook, and the color has a sort of a timeless feel to it It's hard to describe, but the difference is apparent when viewed in a movie theater or 4k projection.

I find the bokeh pleasing and it's really hard to find flaws in such a fine crafted lens. Rumor has it that it is a little under half a million bucks for the full set! Some of these new lenses are just "rehoused" lenses from their stills counterpart, but with slightly different coatings.

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So the look you get from this cinema lenses is not going to be vastly superior compared to the stills version. It is worth noting that investing in lenses is a safer bet, compared to buying cameras. These lenses are decent for the money, whether you choose to own or rent. It it used widely and more accessible to the masses. Tokina has designed full frame lenses from the ground up with their Cinema Vista line and, in my opinion, is the only one that can compare with the big boys.

The sigma look overall feels sharp with enough contrast. This is, of course, my subjective opinion, and other people may feel differently about it. Story is king in my opinion. This is a trap that most people fall into.

Some use lenses they already own due to budget constrains, But it is much better to rent a dedicated cinema lens if it serves the story and vision of the director. Use a zoom or prime lens, instead. I believe the mantra, "Use the right tool for the right job.

Cinemanager… Confessions from the Movie Theatre

Cinemanager Confessions from the Movie Theatre [Jeremiah Jackson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Popcorn, Soda and Showbiz. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. I worked in the cinema industry in the UK for many years. I always used to say, as many people do, "I could write a book.

Each have their pros and cons, and it is totally up to your style and work preference when deciding which to use. To talk about them would take another time consuming massive blog post to cover. I challenge you in to rent one of these high end pieces of glass and watcjh your work soar to new heights.

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Remember that each project is different and will require a specific lens set, depending on the job. The best methodology is to test what works for you. Feel free to reach out and comment on your favorite piece of glass. Happy shooting! Shawn Yeo is an independent filmmaker and cinematographer, loving every aspect of film production and being on set.

Shawn constantly finds himself learning new things everyday as the industry evolves. Sign in Register Wishlist 0. One Girl, One Dream. Product Description. Product Details. About the Author Laura Dekker is the youngest ever sailor to circumnavigate the world solo, achieving her dream in aged only 16, having defied authorities in her native Holland as well as the elements on her month-long odyssey. Review this Product. Write your message below to post a review: Rating:.

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