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See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. The condensed, but true story explores political intrigue and often sinister characters in turbulent, bloody South Florida during the early sixties. Hints of betrayal complicate rescue missions and an unlikely love affair adds further tension.

Readers are led through a bizarre world where ambush is only the dawn of misfortune, and where the horrors of combat, shipwreck, starvation and worse become commonplace. The saga of bravery, betrayal, personal heartache and bittersweet retribution is completed as friends give the ultimate sacrifice and the U. Government indicts its own mercenaries. Product Details About the Author. Mercenary's Tale is the first of 4 books about his military, Law Enforcement and Investigative experiences.

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Castro's reaction was to call for a general strike. Morgan tucked away his own mementos: photographs of a young boy and a young girl. An estimated CIA officers were employed full-time to carry out what became known as Operation Mongoose. While the F. They accuse with fear in their hearts and ambition in their minds not knowing that good never comes of evil. It is not of materials but of consciousness, of moral values, and that is lasting.

Casual Executions: Assassination in Arizona. A newspaper reporter blown up in his car - the bomber was caught, but the A newspaper reporter blown up in his car - the bomber was caught, but the powerful man who hired him was never charged.

An old woman killed in a hit and run - the suspect was never interrogated. Hundreds of greyhounds shot View Product.

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Ghost Dancing: An Emtala Tale. Based on a true story, it is a compelling High Ground. The west is back - Blazing with action and frontier adventure. High Ground is historical High Ground is historical fiction set in He travels back to Texas None of us are designed for the role that must be taken on in a revolutionary society.

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Someone ripped some pages from his diary. Whose perfidious fault was that? No doubt it was the work of some unscrupulous plotting soul.

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We know of differences among the leaders but there were no instances of indiscipline. Obama was born in August of , as he himself told us. Over half a century would pass since that moment. Nor does he say that racial discrimination was swept away by the Revolution; that pensions and salaries for all Cubans were decreed by the Revolution before Mr.

The odious bourgeois and racist custom of hiring thugs to throw black citizens out of recreation centers was swept away by the Cuban Revolution. This would go down in history in the battle that was fought in Angola against apartheid, putting an end to the presence of nuclear weapons on a continent of over a billion inhabitants. In , just two years and three months after the Triumph of the Revolution, a mercenary force, with cannon and armored infantry and equipped with planes, was trained and accompanied by US warships and aircraft carriers in a surprise attack on our country. Nothing can justify that premeditated attack which cost our country hundreds of casualties, both in dead and wounded. Nowhere is it recorded that the pro-Yankee assault brigade was able to evacuate one single mercenary. Yankee combat planes were presented at the United Nations as having been taken by rebel Cubans. They also thought that Revolutionary Cuba would be easily knocked out of combat in Africa. The attack through southern Angola of the racist South African motorized brigades brought them close to Luanda, the Angolan capital.

A struggle ensued there, lasting for no less than 15 years. Nor shall I attempt to provide details, I will just emphasize that over there a glorious page was written in the struggle for the liberation of human beings. His humble origins and natural intelligence were obvious. Mandela was imprisoned for life and became a giant in the struggle for human dignity.

I glanced over it quickly.

The size of the tiny letters used by Mandela to specify information was incredible. It is worthwhile to have met such a man. I have to indicate yet another experience in the South African episode. I was really interested to learn more details about how the South Africans had acquired their nuclear weapons. I only had very precise information that there were not more than 10 or 12 bombs. I knew that he was the most reliable source on what had happened and I communicated this to him.


He answered me that he had not spoken any more on the matter because in the text he had been replying to the questions of comrade Jorge Risquet, a good friend of his who had been the Cuban ambassador or collaborator in Angola. I located Risquet; he was involved in some other important matters, in the final weeks of a course. That task coincided with a rather recent trip Piero made to Cuba.