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Marc Laidlaw, writer of Half-Life, went in January Erik Wolpaw, who wrote on both Half-Life and Portal followed in February, joined two months later by Chet Faliszek, who also helped build the narratives behind these wonderfully realised worlds. And barely a week ago, Jay Pinkerton, who worked with Wolpaw on Portal 2 was confirmed to have departed the company. The combination of sci-fi smarts, knowing humour and intellectual playfulness that characterised those games has surely more-or-less left with all these crucial architects.

True, we have seen excellent rebirths of classic titles. Both Wolfenstein and Doom were successfully rebooted in completely new hands; Prey and NieR Automata do well with seemingly abandoned franchises.

But Portal and Half-Life are such finally tuned, intrinsic, artistic endeavours — they are so cohesive in terms of aesthetics, writing, atmosphere and narrative, it is hard to see how they could ever be exhumed in the same perfect form. It is a sub-dom relationship of almost superhuman cruelty. Best case scenario? A virtual reality game that is either based around Portal or Half-Life, or unites the franchises into one experience. Valve has invested heavily in VR and clearly values the technology as an entertainment phenomenon — the Portal demo for Vive is one of the absolute great products of the modern VR era.

It will be a confection, a technical showcase. Kaylee Bowing.

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Portal Woes. Now they face settling back down into regular life on their homeworld. Finding a new day-to-day purpose proves difficult. Leaving the nightmares behind proves even more difficult.