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It also provides a basis for discussions relating to the role that a startup accelerator can play in a large corporation. View Details.

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Cite View Details Educators Related. The case allows for discussion of the following: leading innovation ecosystems, building public-private and public-public collaborations, leading system innovation, talent management and development, and public sector innovation.

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Revised March Hill In your career, or anyone's, there is one transition that stands out as the most crucial—going from individual contributor to competent manager. New managers have to learn how to lead others rather than do the work themselves, to win trust and respect, to motivate, and to strike the right balance between delegation and control. Many fail to make the transition successfully. In this book, I trace the experiences of 19 new managers over the course of their first year in the role. I reveal the complexity of the transition, highlighting the expectations of these managers, their subordinates, and their superiors.

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I hear the new managers describe how they reframed their understanding of their roles and responsibilities, how they learned to build effective cross-functional work relationships, how and when they used individual and organizational resources, and how they learned to cope with the inevitable stresses of leadership. I show that becoming a manager is a profound psychological adjustment—a true transformation—as well as a continuous process of learning from experience.

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To find out more about the project and what we found, read our final report Final report download. Is there anything wrong with this page? Stepping Up programme.


Comments are closed. When North Carolina introduced a bill to prevent transgender people from using restrooms that did not match the gender on their birth certificates, 68 corporations, including American Airlines, Apple, Cisco, eBay, General Electric, IBM, Intel, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Nike and Salesforce signed an amicus brief aimed at blocking the bill. Quick Links About Us. We forget what we want out of life, we forget who we are and we put the needs of others before our own. Having business discussions with top executives represents a major shift; some executives are not interested in connecting leadership development to the business directly while others are requiring the connection for the program to be implemented.

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Define stepping up. stepping up synonyms, stepping up pronunciation, stepping up translation, English dictionary definition of stepping up. n. 1. a. The single. Stepping Up Book - How to unlock your leadership potential by Sarah Wood.

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