The Last of His Kind (Omnibus Edition)

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And a fire elemental determined to find out about the peculiarities of being human discovers far more than it ever expected. Together they will cross the Middle Kingdoms in pursuit of the single goal that binds them Exciting, magical, intelligent. Skip to main content. Search form. Omnibus edition of the three Middle Kingdoms novels. Related Service:. Fantasy , Middle Kingdoms , Novels.

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The Last of His Kind - Omnibus Edition by Richard Buttars | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & NobleĀ®

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The Last of His Kind (Omnibus Edition) - Kindle edition by Richard Buttars. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. This volume combines The Last of His Kind and A New Begining into a single volume. Book 1 - The Last of His Kind The planet Venda has been destroyed, the .

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