Working With Custodial Grandparents

Grandparents and Older Caregivers Raising Children
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Cogent Medicine. Authors 5. Close Myra F. Taylor myraftaylor gmail. Ruth Marquis r. David A. Coall d. Rachel Batten r. Jenni Werner jenni. About the author s Dr Myra F. Download PDF.

Ruth Marquis

Cite this article as:. Article Figures and tables References. Public Interest Statement A growing number of grandparents are becoming the fulltime carers of their grandchildren due to parental illness, death, substance-misuse, or child-neglect. Design and methods To address these questions a qualitative research design located within the symbolic interactionist tradition was employed. Participants Forty-nine predominantly Caucasian custodial grandparents 4 maternal grandfathers, 26 maternal grandmothers, 2 non-biological grandmothers, 5 paternal grandfathers, and 12 paternal grandmothers were interviewed.

Procedure Following approval from the Human Research Ethics Committee of the administrating institution, a local grandparent support group were canvased regarding the general health related hardships facing custodial grandparents. Table 1. Custodial grandparent interview questions Q. Question 1 How old are you? Results The three themes and seven subthemes that emerged from the analysis are displayed in Table 2 and detailed below.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren -

Table 2. Table 3. Limitations and strengths An inherent limitation of qualitative research studies is that its findings are specific to the investigated cohort e. Implications Six issues emerged from the study that are significant for grandparent health policy.

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Competing Interest The authors declare no competing interests. References Antonucci, T. Convoys of social relations. Bengtson, D. Gans, N. Silverstein Eds. New York, NY: Springer. Convoys of social relations integrating lifespan and life course perspectives. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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This volume represents the efforts of many researchers, practitioners, and clinicians to move beyond a simple cataloguing of the differences between custodial. Moving beyond simply describing the differences between custodial and noncustodial grandparents, this volume places helping efforts with grandparents in.

Using thematic analysis in psychology. Qualitative Research in Psychology , 3 , 77— The role of caregiver burden in understanding African American custodial grandmothers.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

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Grandparent Custody

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Research on Aging , 37 , — Longitudinal study of the effect of the transition to a grandparenting role on depression and life-satisfaction.

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Journal of the Korean Gerontological Society , 33 , — Grandmothers raising grandchildren: Results of an intervention to improve health outcomes. Journal of Nursing Scholarship , 42 , — Behaviour problems in children raised by grandmothers: The role of caregiver distress, family resources, and the home environment. Children and Youth Services Review , 33 , — African American caregiving grandmothers. Journal of Family Nursing , 19 , 53— African American caregiving grandmothers: Results of an intervention to improve health indicators and health promotion behaviors.

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Journal of the American Geriatrics Society , 53 , — Grandparents raising grandchildren: The influence of a late-life transition on occupational engagement. The effectiveness of interventions for grandparent caregivers. The health of caregivers for children with disabilities. The health-related quality of life of custodial grandparents. Promoting the health of grandmothers parenting young children. Kaminski Eds. Role of social support in predicting caregiver burden. Interpretative phenomenological analysis: Theory, method and research. Carthron , Kim L. Stress and optimism of elderlies who are caregivers for elderlies and live with children. Parenting stress of grandparents and other kin as informal kinship caregivers: A mixed methods study E. References Publications referenced by this paper. Dunne , Lisa J Kettler. A randomized controlled trial evaluating a parenting program designed specifically for grandparents.

Achenbach , L. The Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire: A research note.

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Spotlight on kinship care Using Census microdata to examine the extent and nature of kinship care in the UK Part 1 of a two-part study on kinship care Shailen Nandy , Julie Selwyn. Custodial grandmother-grandfather dyads: Pathways among marital distress, grandparent dysphoria, parenting practice, and grandchild adjustment. Gregory C.